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The United State Postal service which is commonly known as USPS is a state-owned postal company which is established by the United State Federal Government. USPS is very much accessible to the user in order to provide us a mail and Postal Services. The services offered by the USPS is extraordinary and they are letter boxes marked as “U.S. Mail” which can be used by the local people in the United States in order to use the services of USPS. At present USPS is offering more than 600,000 employees and it is equipped with 200,000 vehicles which are used within the United States of America. The services offered by the USPS will be more competitive when compared to that of the services like that of UPS which is a part of Federal Express. The services in the USPS will be available to the customer on time and the customer satisfaction is the name.

USPS Tracking

For any shipment, it is very important to know the tracking information and at the same time, the USPS is also providing extraordinary features for its customers in order to track the shipment location from time to time. The USPS will provide the facility in order to monitor the shipment location from time to time until it reaches the desired destination. In order to track the shipment of your USPS package, you need to use the online services that are provided. You will be provided with a unique tracking number which you will help you in order to track package location. It is very important that the customers should keep the USPS tracking number with them so that it will be helpful for them to get complete information about their package. In the official website, the USPS tracking service is provided in which you can check for the current status of your shipment. Along with the tracking option, you can also find some other features like shipment calculator in order to calculate the charges applicable for your package that need to be shipped from one location to another location. There are many online tracking services which will be helpful for you in order to track your USPS shipment within no time. The tracking of the package can be done by online tracking, email tracking, SMS tracking and phone tracking very easily. In order to track your package by using USPS tracking to then, you can follow the procedure which will help you. Also See USPS Change of Address

USPS Tracking

  • At first, you should go to the official website of USPS in order to track a package.
  • You will then find a box in which you should enter your tracking number or waybill number.
  • After that, you could enter the correct captcha in then click on submit option.
  • Within few seconds you will find the exact location of your shipment with all the details.

Features & Services of USPS Tracking

The extraordinary features that are available in usps tracking will easily help you to know the best services. Some of the features that you can find in USPS tracking are,

  • You can get the tracking information with the help of the USPS tracking services.
  • There is customize description which will save your time so that it will be easy for you to recognize your shipment.
  • There is also a status update notification feature interesting summary so that it will provide you with the information like shipment progress, expected delete and any other notification of delivery.
  • Your package is completely safe and secure when you use USPS services.
  • The shipment services and the cost of the shipment are also reasonable.

The USPS will provide extraordinary services for the customers. This is the main reason why most of the people would like to choose USPS in order to ship a package from one location to another location.

  • Priority Mail Express:

Priority Mail Express is a service which will provide you with the shipment to be delivered overnight. The services offered within the United States of America.

  • First Class Mail:

First Class Mail service will approximately take two to three days off time for the shipment to reach its destination. In this service, the price may vary which depend upon the weight and the size of the package.

  • Priority Mail:

Priority Mail service completely depends upon the delivery time of your shipment which will be 1 to 3 days. This service is also provided with tracking of your shipment location. And some other services are,

  • Certificate of Mailing
  • USPS tracking
  • Registered Mail and Delivery like USPS priority mail international
  • Collect on Delivery
  • Signature Confirmation

USPS Tracking Number Format

The USPS package tracking format is quite simple and it is same for all the users but with the difference in the number. The USPS tracking number will be provided to the customers when they book their shipment by using USPS services. The tracking numbers will be assigned for domestic and packages in the United States of America which are normally available with the prefixes ‘IZ’ which is followed by a 6 character shipping number. The six characters in Valley consist of figures and letters. After the prefix ‘IZ’ in the tracking number it will indicate the mode of shipment assigned to it. For instant, if 03 is assigned then it is used for the United States next day delivery. There is 22 such type, of course, available in order to identify the type of shipment. The USPS tracking number will never end with 2 numbers but it will consist of 8 digits. The total characters available in the USPS tracking number is 18 characters. One of the most common tracking number format available for USPS tracking is 20 digit number (e.g. 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999). Or sometimes it is the combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characteristics which usually starts with the alphabet and is followed by 9 digits and it will end with “US”.Some other less common formats may also exist, such as 10 digits.


  • USPS Tracking : 9400 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail  : 9205 5000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Certified Mail  : 9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup  : 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Global Express Guaranteed  : 82 000 000 00
  • Priority Mail Express International  EC 000 000 000 US
  • Priority Mail Express  : 9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Priority Mail International : CP 000 000 000 US
  • Registered Mail : 9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
  • Signature Confirmation : 9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

USPS Courier Customer Number

The customer care services are provided in order to help the customer and clarify the doubts if they have any. When the customers call to the representatives they will find trained and friendly customer care who will provide them with the complete information. They will clearly explain who can provide you with the required information that you would like to know from them since the customer care staff are well knowledged. The customer care representatives will help you in order to guide through the process of application and they will clearly explain you everything that you would like to know. If you have any doubts or queries you can feel free to contact the customer care representative of USPS which is absolutely a toll-free number.

Service Customer care number
Domestic & International USPS Tracking 1-800-222-1811
Stamps 1-800-782-6724
Technical Support 1-800-344-7779
General Information 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)