USPS Certified Mail Tracking

USPS offers a certified mail received when you need a confirmation regarding the arrival of any package to its destination. In such cases, certified mail is provided as a proof of mailing and it is also a proof of delivery of the packages. The customer will receive the mailing receipt only at the time of mailing and a record of delivery is maintained by the USPS. In order to provide the customer with proof there is an additional fees available in order to have a return receipt for certified mails. The certified mail services are limited to only few services like first class mail or USPS priority mail and these services are available at the time of milling and are provided to the customers with email receipt. The different services available in the certified mail or ensuring comma return receipt, register mail, signature confirmation, restricted delivery and money order. The tracking number format of USPS certified mail will usually consist of certified Mail      9407 3000 0000 0000 0000 00. USPS certified mail tracking number not found is one case which can be recovered easily.

How USPS Certified Mail Works

Step One – The USPS certified mails works in a very clear way through the residential address and no one is home at the time of delivery then there will be a delivery remember slip left at the mailbox. By looking at the slip the receiver will know about the information regarding the USPS certified mail letter which is held at the nearest local post office and the receiver can pick it from there. The package is provided to the receiver only if they provide that signature for the letter and pick it up.

Step one unsuccessful, Step Two: If this process is not working well then there is an alternative way. If in case no one picks of the letter after 5 or event up to 7 days then the USPS will send a second delivery slip. And this the reminder about the delivery of the package which has been left the local post office. If this also doesn’t work properly then you can go for the final way.

Step two unsuccessful, Step Three – In which you will be receiving 3rd in the final attempt of delivery slip if the receiver does not respond for 10 to 12 days. If the receiver does not respond to the final and 3rd receipt notification then the mail will be sent back to the given address. And this is how the certified mail of USPS services will work.

Track USPS Certified Mail Courier Online

USPS certified means are also available to track the shipment location which will help you in knowing the shipment status. If you track your shipment location when you will get all the complete details and information regarding your package. Online tracking of your mail is one of the best ways in which you will find accurate results. The tracking information is provided for your information about your package until it reaches its destination. To track the USPS certified mail service by using USPS website and the procedure is given below.

1. You should first go to the official website
2. Now you should click track and confirm tab. This will take you to the page in which you should enter the tracking number that has been provided to you.
3. After that you should click on go button then you will go to the screen that will provide you with the status of your tracked number.
4. Then you should confirm the information which has been displayed on the screen by using the digitally recorded copy of the scanned and the signed certified mail received after the delivery of the mail.

USPS Certified Mail Customer Care Number

USPS customer care services are provided in order to help the customer and clear their doubts and solve the problem. The customer care number for the USPS certified mail is1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777). So by calling the number, you will be directed to a trained and friendly customer care center who will access you in resolving your problem. This will certainly help you in knowing more about the services offered by the USPS and you can also get some clear information.

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